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Seniors Personal Alarm

Fast Action. Saves Lives. Keeps seniors independent.

Australia’s Most Advanced Personal Alarm

Fast Action Save lives when every minute matters

Fall detection

What if you or your loved one has a fall? Within just 0.5 seconds, automatic fall detection is activated, ensuring all 8 emergency contacts receive notification.

Instant SMS alert

Seniors Alarm stores up to 8 emergency contacts. In case of emergency, each of the contacts will be alerted immediately via text message. 

Built in GPS

Whether you’re at home, out and about, indoors, or out, the Seniors Alarm built in GPS provides your loved ones with your exact location at the time of activation.

And that is only one of the benefits of Seniors Alarms. Other advanced features include:


3G/4G Telstra network

Voicemail recognition


Store up to 8 contacts

New 2020 design

Up to 3 days battery

1 year calling credit

Fall detection

Discover how Seniors Alarm saves lives

How does Seniors Alarm work?

A safety solution as important as this, should be quick and easy to use. We designed our personal alarm this way, with seniors in mind. 


1. SOS alert

The SOS sequence is activated by either pressing the button for 3 seconds, or when a fall is detected.

2. Seniors Alarm sends SMS

An SMS will be sent to all listed contacts, containing the exact location of the senior in need.

3. Seniors Alarm calls

The device starts calling all listed contacts including 000 sequentially until someone answers.

Why Seniors Alarm?

You may be thinking, “My parent doesn’t need a Seniors Alarm. They already have a phone.”

But what happens if your loved one can’t get to the phone?  Perhaps they have a fall and can’t reach it. Or if their phone is a mobile, they have forgotten to charge it.

The truth is, the outcome is often far worse when he or she cannot access a means of communication.

Every second counts, minutes really matter and faster action saves lives.

Don’t risk it. Purchase a Seniors Alarm instead.

A Seniors Alarm on your loved one at all times, equals safety, peace of mind and faster action, increasing the potential to save their life.

In fact, 80% of seniors are more likely to gain full recovery from a fall, when helped promptly.

The faster your loved one can get help following a fall or illness, the better their chance of a full recovery.


Why Seniors Alarm?

Seniors Alarm saves lives.

One Time Purchase,

And No Monthly Fees


Free Sim card and 1-year free emergency credit provided with each purchase. 

For $479, Seniors Alarm offers you lifetime 5-star customer service, free shipping and 60-day money-back guarantee.

Seniors Alarm Personal Mobile Alarm

530 $479

Lifetime Customer Support

Free Shipping

60 days money back guarantee

No Monthly Fees.

Everything included with your one-time purchase

Seniors Alarm Personal Mobile Alarm

530 $479

Lifetime Customer Support

Free Shipping

60 days money back guarantee

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