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When you buy from Seniors Alarm, you’re not just getting Australia’s most advanced personal medical alarm, you’re joining the Seniors Alarm family, and we’re joining yours. Together, we’re building a safer, happier and healthier environment for seniors.

Before we become part of your story, get to know a bit about ours.

The Seniors Alarm Story

Seniors Alarm was founded with a purpose, and born out of compassion.

I’m Sylvain, the founder of Seniors Alarm, and just like you, I was once worried and looking for a much-needed dose of peace of mind. When my 72-year-old great aunt moved into a remote farmhouse, her health wasn’t 100% and it’s safe to say that her living independently, had me very worried.

What if there is an emergency? What if she can’t contact me? What if something happens to her? Many worries regularly crossed my mind.

You hear so many stories of seniors dying in their homes, with an autopsy only to reveal they had been suffering for hours prior. What if help had been provided earlier? Would there have been a higher chance of survival? I didn’t want that to happen to my aunt, nor did I want this to happen to anyone else. So, I began my search for possible solutions.

Following the trial of a fixed medical alarm, it dawned on me that she wouldn’t be able to call from outside or other rooms in the house, nor did she have any fall detection.

It all changed when I met Dr Roger, a leading bone specialist. Discussing the issue with him, we soon discovered a shared passion and commitment to coming up with a solution. This saw us working together to design and develop a personal medical alarm dedicated to senior’s safety and their loved one’s peace of mind. Seniors Alarm was born.

We designed Australia’s most advanced Personal Medical Alarm helping thousands of Australians achieve peace of mind.

The Seniors Alarm Beliefs


We Believe

In the law of Karma.


We Believe

that nothing is more important than your peace of mind.


We Believe

that failure is just a stepping stone to success.


We Believe

that whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.


We Believe

that family is whoever loves  you unconditionally.


We Believe

that life should be lived to the fullest, not held back by fear.


We Believe

that as a customer you should be treated with care, patience and respect.


We Believe

that our seniors are not a burden, but rather a bundle of joy and experience.


We Believe

in building stronger connections between older and younger generations.

Our Promise

When you join the Seniors Alarm family, I promise you:

  • Australia’s most advanced personal safety alarm
  • Hassle-free purchase experience from setup through to delivery
  • Best value for your money

Founder and CEO (Chief Experience officer)

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