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How does Seniors Alarm work?

A simple safety solution

1. SOS alert

The SOS sequence is activated by either pressing the SOS button for 3 seconds or when a fall is detected.

2. Seniors Alarm sends SMS

An SMS will be sent to all listed contacts, containing the exact location of the senior in need.

3. Seniors Alarm calls

The device starts calling all listed contacts including 000 sequentially until someone answers.

New, innovative design

Large Speakers

The adjustable volume capability ensures your loved one can hear, even if they have hearing difficulties.

Light Weight

At only 55g, the Seniors Alarm weighs less than an average gold chain and pendant – making it light and easy to wear.

Don’t want to wear it around your neck.  That’s ok – the Seniors Alarm comes with a belt clip too.

Long-life Battery

With an average battery life of 3 days your loved one does not have to worry about charging it too often.

Low-battery Notification

If these smart features weren’t enough for your peace of mind, the device also alerts contacts if the battery decreases below 15%.

Senior Friendly Charging Station

Fast and easy charging, the alarm is charged in just 40 minutes and with a simple docking system the charger is ideal for seniors with arthritis as no fidgeting or handling of small wires is required.

Life Saving Features

When an emergency strikes, Seniors Alarm can save a life

Find the wearer anytime

Whether at home, out and about, indoors, or outside, the Seniors Alarm built in GPS provides loved ones with an exact location at the time of activation.

Automatic fall detection

What if you or your loved one has a fall? Within just 0.5 seconds, automatic fall detection is activated, ensuring all 8 emergency contacts receive notification. 


Concerned the fall might occur in the shower? – we’ve got that covered too.  The Seniors Alarm is fully water-proof so can be worn while showering.

Smartly stores up to 8 emergency contacts

Seniors Alarm smartly stores up to 8 emergency contacts. In case of emergency, each of the contacts will be alerted immediately via text message. Now that’s smart! 


Concerned that your loved one might wander and get lost?  The smart Geofencing feature is a virtual perimeter which you can set so that you will be alerted if they leave the pre-designated perimeter.  This feature is reassuring for seniors in the early stages of dementia.

Smart voice recognition

Voicemails are avoided using our smart voice detection.

Let us offer you peace of mind

Every second counts, minutes really matter and faster action saves lives.

Ease your worries, help you and your loved one feel safe and secure, give you and your family peace of mind, and most importantly, fast connection to care and safety, with Seniors Alarm.

Free Credit Plus unlimited support

Purchase a Seniors Alarm instead

Free 1-year unlimited call and SMS credit

The Seniors Alarm operates via the Telstra network. A credit cost of $49 applies from the second year onwards. Telstra's 3G/4G network covers 98.8% of Australi's population.  

Lifetime 5-star customer service

We stand by our Seniors Alarms 100% and can therefore confidently offer free after-sales service for any queries, concerns or, in the unlikely event of faults, to be rectified at no cost.








Seniors Alarm Guarantee

Try it for 60 days. Be completely satisfied or receive a full refund.

Our faith in the Seniors Alarm is so strong, that if you or your loved ones aren’t completely satisfied with the product or service, we’ll provide you with a full refund – guaranteed.

Personal Alarm money back guarantee

All features

  • Add up to 8 contacts and call “000”
  • Message and then call registered contacts when SOS button pressed for 3 seconds
  • Send SMS to emergency contacts with  Google Maps link of the wearer’s location
  • 2 ways hands free communication via built-in microphone and speaker
  • 3-day battery life average. Fully recharged in 2 hours.
  • Free 1-year unlimited EMERGENCY calling and messaging with Telstra covering 98.8% of the population. Seniors Alarm supports both 3G and 4G
  • No lock in Contracts
  • Free setup call 
  • Lifetime customer support.
  • Smart voicemail recognition prevents emergency calls from going to voicemail
  • Wandering feature: For seniors who are at risk of wandering the Geofencing option allows warning text messages to be sent if the wearer strays outside a defined area such as a 500-metre radius.
  • Water resistant.
  • 60 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty.
  • Free shipping with all orders.

Seniors peace of mind

Included in the box

The Seniors Alarm is simple and ready to use.

SeniorsAlarm. Ready to use

Fast charging station

Lanyard, adjustable and safe

Belt clip

Charging Head

Quick start guide

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Why should I buy from Seniors Alarm?
For only $479, Seniors Alarm offers you a lifetime 5-star customer service, free shipping, free set up by trained personal alarm experts, one-year free emergency call and SMS credit, 12 months warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee.
Are there any hidden costs?

No. Your personal alarm purchase covers all associated costs including free delivery, free setup, and one-year free emergency call and text.

After the initial 12 months, simply pay a $45 annual fee to top up your emergency call credit.

What if I need help or something goes wrong?

As a valued Seniors Alarm customer, you benefit from lifetime phone support. Your personal alarm comes with a 12-month warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. 

How do I complete my purchase?

You can complete your purchase by credit card or PayPal using our secure checkout.

Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 491 796 and one of our friendly Seniors Alarm specialists will take your order and payment over the phone. 

What happens after my purchase?

After your personal alarm purchase, one of our friendly Seniors Alarm specialists will call you within 24 hrs to set up your alarm. Once your alarm is set up, you should receive your Seniors Alarm within 2 working days.

More questions? Call us on 1800 491 796