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Who Needs a Personal Alarm?

Anyone who wants peace of mind for themselves or a loved one

Are you looking for peace of mind for the seniors you love?

Are you a senior worried about your personal safety?

Then the Seniors Alarm is for you.

Safety and Security for the elderly you love

Most of us have an elderly relative or senior in our lives who we love and care about.  A natural part of our love comes concern about their health and safety, especially if they live alone.

A personal alarm is the ideal purchase both for your peace of mind and their safety.

With Seniors Alarm, you gain peace of mind knowing the special senior in your life can call on you when in need. This peace of mind extends to the seniors too, knowing they can reach you, and their other loved ones in case of emergency.

Seniors Alarm is the perfect gift to show how much you care, and will always be there.

If a senior in your life has recently experienced a fall, doctors may recommend a medical alarm such as this. 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 years experience a serious fall and are 80% more likely to make a full recovery following a fall if they get help quickly. With the smart feature of fall detection, Seniors Alarm is the safest choice.

Living alone for the very first time can be scary and lonely, particularly for seniors.  

Give them the most precious gift of all – peace of mind, in the form of a personal alarm. Not only will they be safer and receive help faster in a time of emergency or need, they will also likely feel less alone.

Even in the case of your loved one being forgetful, or experiencing an early memory loss condition, such as dementia, Seniors Alarm can help. Not only are the emergency contacts automatically stored and called at the press of a button, the contacts are reminded when battery charging is required too. So, they’ll never not be able to reach you and they won’t have to worry about whether their personal alarm is charged.

Safety and Security for You

As a senior, it’s perfectly natural to feel the need for additional support, safety, and peace of mind at this stage of your life, and thousands of other seniors do so each year.

Perhaps you live alone and feel scared, have recently had a fall and are following your doctor’s recommendation to get a personal alarm. Perhaps you are suffering with an illness and, at times, may need to get help quickly. Perhaps you are starting to forget things, and feel you need extra support.

Whatever the reason, find your support, safety, and peace of mind, without losing your independence, with Seniors Alarm.

A personal medical alarm will ease your worries, help you feel safe and secure, give you and your family peace of mind, and most importantly, give you fast connection to care and safety in case of an emergency or urgent need.

Your safety is important and ensuring yours should be simple. So, we’ve designed the Seniors Alarm personal alarm with you in mind, making it simple to use, with no need to learn to use new technology.

Don’t feel scared or alone. Let us offer you peace of mind, safety and security for when you need it most.

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